A granary of memories

Spichlerz/Loft Kolesin has the spirit of the past. It is situated in a beautiful environment worth saving from oblivion.

The village lies in the south-western part of gmina Babimost, by the Wojnowskie Lake. The old Goltzen estate used to be the center of the village and now it is a peaceful place on its outskirts. Established in 1906 by the rich German family of Reygerses, it was nationalized after the Second World War and is now in the hands of private owners who are restoring it to its old splendor.

The granary constitutes a part of the old property which also includes a fine manor house built in baroque style in 1586 and enriched with neoclassicist elements in the 19th century . The buildings are surrounded with a park which extends to the lake. In the park, interspersed with charming streams, one can admire ancient oaks, alders, limes, and acacias.

The Wojnowskie Lake is almost 240 ha big. Many years ago a part of the lake belonged to the Countess of Lippe from Wojnowo, the grandmother of the current Dutch Queen, Beatrix.

Dwór w Kolesinie

Kolesin manor house