Spichlerz/loft Kolesin is a secluded place surrounded by fields, forests, and a lake. It is conducive to all forms of recreation and relaxation. Its atmosphere is meant to awaken the inhabitants' creativity. It is an inspiring space for rent for artists and businessmen.

Our offer is aimed at the representatives of artistic circles, creative industries, and business. We offer a place in which they can organize a training and a seminar, integrate a team, realize a research project, hold workshops, or have an art exhibition.

Special addressees of the offer are people who are passionate about dance, theater, music, and singing. We offer a space in which rehearsals and trainings can take place and where one can create and learn choreography.

Spichlerz/Loft consists of three stories constructed so as to meet all the inhabitants' needs.

Upper level. The whole space of the upper level is taken by a big room with a dance floor which meets the needs of the most demanding dancers. It is here that workshops, trainings, and brainstorms take place.

Middle Level. On the middle level there are five comfortable rooms with bathrooms. Here, everybody will find whatever it takes to return, fully refreshed, to creative work next day. A huge terrace can be accessed from that level.

Lower Level. A place for work and spending time together. Here you will find a fireplace inserted in a brick wall, which creates a special atmosphere suited for conversation and exchange of ideas.

We can accommodate 15 guests in the loft but, in case of bigger events, we have at our disposal other comfortable accommodations. Price offers for groups are prepared on an individual basis.

Should you be interested in our offer, please contact us at:

Telephone: +48 500 692 155

A blend of modernity and tradition (Middle Level)

A blend of modernity and tradition (Middle Level)

Luxurious rooms

Luxurious rooms (Middle Level)

Kitchen in the fireplace room

Kitchen in the fireplace room (Lower Level)

Open Space (Upper Level)

Open Space (Upper Level)

Our rooms (Middle Level)

Our rooms (Middle Level)