About us

"Spichlerz/Loft Kolesin” is a modern variation on a historical place situated in the picturesque Babimojszczyzna region, a part of the unique landscape of the Lubusz Land. The granary, built in a pre-war folwark, has been renovated in the spirit of modernity and currently serves as an inspiring space for creative work and comfortable rest.

There was a time when the heart of the Kolesin village, by the beautiful Wojnowskie lake, was vibrant with life. Today we can create, share knowledge, and find breathing space far from the bustle of the city, among the memories of those who breathed soul into this place.

The historical building can be rented by all those who need peace and inspiration. The modern interiors are well suited for the organization of workshops, trainings, art projects, and business meetings.

"Spichlerz/Loft Kolesin” is a granary of memories and a birthplace of ideas. It is conducive both to rest and creative work.

The modern face of tradition